Tata Tronco Ceiba

Services & Products

This page is informational only! Due to the variety of potential client customization involved, I do not sell products through this website! BriyumbaCongo.com is a private membership based educational site. In order to purchase any of my products, you must get in touch with me directly. CLICK HERE!

The Services shown below are, by no means, all that I offer. If you need spiritual assistance, just ask!

You can book consultations through the main menu item "CONSULTATIONS" or by following the link under "Spiritual Consultations" below!


Initiation Ceremonies

For those seeking to walk the path of Palo, I perform Palo initiations. Palo is not meant for everyone! Before initiation, there must be some divination done to determine if you have a path in this tradition, as well as, consulting my Nganga.


Spiritual Consultations

For clients, I offer spiritual consultation (reading, divination) services. My main methods are using the chamalongos and tarot cards. Note that, before any spiritual work is performed, divination must be done to look into your situation and determine the most effective solution. "CLICK HERE TO BOOK!"


Spiritual Baths & Cleansing

There are many different methods that I use for cleansing clients. There are spiritual baths, as well as ceremonies that can be given to remove evil spirits, open your roads, increase your prosperity, etc. Over the years, I've seen and done it all!

Custom Made

Candles, Oils, Powders

Although I do sometimes offer ritually prepared candles, oils & powders that any random person can purchase, this is not the most effective method. For my clients, I prepare these items specifically for you and specifically for the results that you are seeking.


Spiritual Tools & Talismans

In addition to consecrated chamalongos, I also make macutos (talismans, amulets) for clients. These items can be prepared for a variety of spiritual needs. It's impossible for me to list all the possibilities! You won't know if something can be done, if you don't ask!


Random Works

Here are some random photos of works and products that I have provided for my clients. Palo spiritual works are not pretty, but they are effective!